Legal Riddles: Adobe Passwords and Marriage Ages

Adobe password requirements got me feeling so stuck,
Every time I login, I feel like I’m out of luck.
The rules and the regs, they drive me insane,
But I know that they’re meant to keep my account safe and soundly in chain.

When it comes to Australian legal marriage age,
I wonder if it’s just a number on a page.
Is it only a formality, or is there a big deal?
I guess I’ll have to do some research and feel what’s real.

I’ve been wondering how to avoid Spanish inheritance tax,
To keep my assets safe and away from the axe.
It’s a legal riddle that needs to be solved,
So I can keep my family’s inheritance from getting involved.

Is online gambling legal in Washington?
I’m not sure if I should roll the dice and take a bet.
The laws and regulations can be quite complex,
And I don’t want to end up in a legal vortex.

I’ve seen cars with blinking brake lights on the road,
And I wonder if that’s a legal mode.
I need to know the rules and get it right,
So I can avoid getting into a legal fight.

En Chile es legal rifar una propiedad?
I need to know the legal deal to be sure and steady.
It’s a legal question that needs to be addressed,
So I can make a move and be legally blessed.

Are Amazon Flex drivers independent contractors?
I’m not sure if they have all the legal factors.
I need to know the rules and regulations in place,
So I can make the right call and be in the right legal space.

I need to know the legal considerations and tips,
Before I make a move and go on that motorcycle trip.
It’s a legal deal that needs to be done right,
So I can enjoy my ride and keep everything tight.

When it comes to seeking asylum,
I need to know the legal steps just right.
The process can be tricky and full of twists,
So I need to get the legal facts and make a list.

The requirements for sole traders got me thinking deep,
I need to know the legal rules before taking a leap.
It’s a legal journey that needs to be planned,
So everything can be legally and firmly stand.

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